NGFF (M.2) to mini PCIe AdaptorSleek, thin, robust and easy-use

The OxfordTEC NGFF to mPCIE Adaptor is an innovative component, taking into account optimal performance and reduced space requirements. It consists of a metallic clip-bracket and a PCB. The NGFF module can be easily slotted into the Adaptor which is then placed and screwed on a standard full-size or half-size mPCIE bay. The OxfordTEC Adaptor layout allows for minimal module height, saving space and enabling compact designs. 

It allows designs with form factor flexibility with unique global certification. Easy assembly and the minimal space-saving module height enable compact and efficient designs with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. 

Our AIRETOS® E61R-XKit Series

E61R Series AIRETOS® NGFF Regular Size (2230) modules adapted via our robust and fully functional carrier adapter to full-size mini PCI express (X) footprint.

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Our AIRETOS® E95N-Xkit Series

E95N Series AIRETOS® NGFF Narrow Size (1630) modules adapted via our robust and fully functional carrier adapter to full-size mini PCI express (X) footprint.

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How to assemble the Module Kit

The Adaptor layout allows for minimal module height, saving space and enabling compact designs


1. Move the module against the housing’s chamber

2. Rotate the module to 30 degrees and insert it until the bottom of the connector

3. Rotate the module to a horizontal position

4. Fix the module with a set of PCB screws

NGFF Model Types

The Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF), also known as M.2 Form Factor, is a transition from the mini-PCIE and half-size mini-PCIE to a smaller Form Factor – both in size and volume. An NGFF module can utilize the full speed of PCI-Express specifications, with a bandwidth up to 1GB/s under PCIE 3.0 standards, while allowing for a variety of physical sizes.


To ensure effective distinction and understanding of compatibility for all different types of NGFF modules, standardized nomenclature has been developed. For example, a module that is 22mm wide and 80mm long would be listed as being a 2280 (22mm x 80mm). For the communications sector, Common lengths for NGFF modules are 30mm (2230), 42mm (2242), 60mm (2260), 80mm (2280) and 110mm (22110).


To prevent the insertion of a card connector (male) to an incompatible socket (female) on the host, the M.2 specification identifies 12 key IDs on the module and socket interface according to the notched pins used to insert. Each socket has a unique mechanical key, and modules are not interchangeable between sockets. According to PCI Express M.2 Specifications Rev. 1.1, the sockets are distinguished to support different interfaces like PCIe, USB, SDIO, UART, etc. 

Key Adaptor features

Zero-excess standoff height, for optimal placement into the tight spaces and with a maximum total height up to 3mm.

Standard mPCIe Full-size bay dimensions, wit standard location for screw holes.

Simple locking mechanism: module fitted in adaptor and adaptor in a bay with 3 moves and 2 screws.

No drivers are required.

Commodity accessory at great price, allowing backward compatibility.