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Specialists for RF Antennas

Highest quality antennas engineered for superior performance. Commercial-Off-The-Shelf and Customized.

High Precision RF Antennas

Flexible cable length and connector types

RF Antennas Certification

Pre-approved and certified antennas series

Innovative Antenna Designs

Our OxfordTEC® RF Antennas are optimally matched to our AIRETOS® modules as well as our extensive cabling technology, mounting accessories, adaptors, and plug-in connectors, to create complete customer solutions.

Our Expertise

We are leading suppliers of high-quality antennas, engineered for superior performance. Our years of experience with high volume manufacturing enables high-end design, quality, and manufacturing processes to be applied with highly competitive pricing.

RF Antennas with advantages

Easy to install

Quick and easy combination of devices and easy installation of the antennas, both indoors and outdoors.


Pre-approved, worldwide certified and high-performing in high-density applications.


Reliable connection between antennas and devices using robust feeds. 


End-To-End RF Antennas Development

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality antennas engineered for superior performance. We provide antenna solutions for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular supporting a wide range of demanding applications. 


We offer our AIRETOS® modules together with pre-approved and certified antennas series to significantly improve your application stability and performance, but also to shorten overall time-to-market, mitigate risks and reduce non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs.


In addition to our OxfordTEC® off-the-shelf solutions, we provide end-to-end antenna development support from design to simulation, prototyping, testing and manufacturing for tailor-made antennas to meet your specific application needs.


Embedded antenna tuning in customer devices is crucial for RF performance. We support you to fit and optimize our antennas to your device without affecting their pre-certification status so that you can work efficiently and time-saving.

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